Sleep tech
Sleep tech focuses on improving sleep quality and managing sleep disorders through innovative technologies - represents an intersection of healthcare, technology, and wellness, aiming to enhance the understanding and management of sleep through innovative solutions.
Enterprise blockchain
Medical enterprise blockchain is a secure, decentralized platform that enhances data sharing and privacy in healthcare, streamlining medical data management and patient care.
Wellness care
An innovative technology platform designed to revolutionize healthcare by ensuring secure, transparent, and efficient management of medical records and transactions through a specific devices ecosystem.

HAHL’s Milestone

Explore our journey from inception to the present. Witness our key achievements, pivotal moments, and the strides we have been through.

August, 2019

Initiation of Amate project

June, 2020

Founders conceptualized specialized products aimed at enhancing sleep health

July, 2022

Initiating SmartBed project

July, 2023

Establishment of Healthy and Happy Life

April, 2024

Release SmartBed version 1

October, 2025

Launching Amate testnet

November, 2019

New method for detecting sleep apnea using a contactless bed sensor

March, 2021

Launching NOTT project

July, 2023

SmartBed successfully claimed approval from medical experts

December, 2023

Revealed SmartBed MVP

June, 2024

Bring SmartBed to market

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